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Woodblock Print

I have been making platinum/palladium prints since 1982 and teaching platinum/palladium printing since 1992. I have experience with the traditional develop out printing process as well as the print out processes of Ware/Malde and the Ziatype. Classes are held here at my studio in Dallas although I can present workshops on site if needed. Current Workshop schedule


Digital Training

If you are looking for a good start on Photoshop and need a little help, give me a call and we'll set up a local one on one workshop for you. I have been using it for photo retouching and image refinement, so if you are looking to use it as a design tool I may not be your best choice. Individual training includes profiling of your monitor and two paper profiles to improve your digital output. I am currently using Photoshop CS3 and CS4 extended for my image editing needs. Lightroom 2.5 and ID Imager are my choices for DAM and additional image work. Complete training in these as well as Imagenomic Pro Plug in suite is available.

Webinar on Demand

Webinar on Demand is a new service where you can request a topic to be covered using many of the image editing and printing software available for use. I use PC for my work stations and have systems running XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit versions. I offer instruction covering Photoshop in versions CS1, 3, and 4. Lightroom in version 2.5. I also offer instruction in use of Capture NX2. Do you need help with printing issue? using Qimage? QTR? Do you have scanning issues that require assistance? I use both Epson V750 and a Nikon 9000 to scan my images. I have Vue Scan, Nikon Scan and Silver Fast software. Not all software is loaded under all configurations, but many options exist.


Submit your request here, and within a week, I'll post an instructional video for you to watch. The video can be followed by a Q&A session for additional related topics. Cost is $40.00 for individual and $10.00 for each additional location logging into the webinar.


Do you need a more immediate solution? Call or email and set up a direct connect session and we'll run through you issues until you have a resolution. If I can't help you, I'll get your problem solved fast with my extensive network of professionals. Direct connect sessions are billed at $75.00 hr. We can work directly on to your desktop to solve your problems. It is best to have a computer set up with a USB headset like those used for SKYPE or other IM communication.


3 hr training and profiling service $225.00

(Local training in the Dallas, Ft Worth Metroplex)


In studio color management is also available. I will come in and profile your monitor, and make two paper profiles for $100.00.