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Where you can get more info on the web

Apple on Coast

Forums are a great way to get and give information about the areas of photography that interest you.

I participate in several;

Epson Wide Format on Yahoo groups

Digital Black and White on Yahoo groups

Nikon CoolScan 9000 on Yahoo Groups

Image Print on Yahoo Groups

Let's Talk Photography

DP Review


Imagenomic Forum


Besides forums where direct discussions takes place, there are various other sources on the web.

http://www.dpandi.com/history/ -



Focus, Fun and Enjoy

Today so much is placed on "the moment" to make it happen. Relax, and make a day of it. That moment may come at the end of long day, so don't feel rushed to get it all done with the first few clicks of the shutter. Perhaps you need to get out and see life from a new perspective like the seat of a canoe.