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River of Turmoil

I have been closely following the continuing saga of Dallas' Standing Wave Park that was built on the Trinity River as it flows through down town Dallas, TX. It is a local parks project that was dubious in it's inception, and now has ballooned to over $4.2 million from an original cost of $1.5 million. You can see from the gallery posted here that the park has some issues. Signage for safety concerns still have yet to be met as well as water quality issues.

The Standing Wave Park, Standing Wave Gallery 2, Trinity River Paddle on September 10th, 2011.

Other issues facing us here in Dallas is trash build up in the rivers and creeks. White Rock Creek, has been one of these local hot spots.


Other paddle Spots

Caddo Lake out in East Texas is quite a nice place to go for a paddle and a little camping. Canoe, Canoeing, are galleries of various canoe outtings.


Camp Box or Wannigan was made by myself to fit into the 16' Penobscot by Old Town Canoes.

Rio Chama up in northern New Mexico is a great place to put in a fe wdays of paddling. here are two galleries from a trip down the river July 2011. Rio Chama , Rio Chama 2


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