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Digital WorkFlow

I was a traditionalist! Now I am a realist. The days of making B&W silver gelatins prints may not be over, but one would be hard pressed to see a red light on in my studio these day or smell the familiar odors of developer, stop bath or fixer.

Today instead of keeping up with darkroom techniques, I spend my days perfecting digital captures, talking about and teaching a digital workflow. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? Relax, there are several places to rest your feet while you read how to navigate to a new image making experience.

Before we start shooting, printing or editing, we all need to calibrating our equipment. In the past the shutter speed test, and aperture response might have been it for the shooter. The rest was put at the feet of the lab guys and our film suppliers.

The old vs the new, some stays the same while other have new terms. They include digital capture which we used to call exposure. And while we still process our shoots, we do it with the lights on in front of a computer. Creative image manipulations in the past were primarily done with film choices, filters, lighting and negative retouching. Now it's mostly done in Lightroom and Photoshop, although there are other programs available for doing this they don't have near the following as the products from Adobe.

We now refer to output instead of printing.This includes image files for display on the web and those sent to print. Prints can easily be made on to paper, plastic, canvas and cups.

The following pages are designed to help you learn these areas of interest. I will try and keep them separate as I can to avoid confusion.

Calibration Issues Digital Capture

Image Manipulation Image Output


Digital Workflow Workshop

Eric has been running a printing business and teaching facility here in Dallas since 1998 after his move from Taos, NM. Individual workshop can be arranged in many areas of photography. If your excited about simplifying things and your possibilities call Eric for a free consultation. on your main interests. 214-827-8301.

video tutorial on working with Lightroom Collections

Are you a Group? Need a Speaker?

Is a Digital Workflow workshop or presentation in your future? I can come to your facility or meeting place. Or would you rather set up a remote training session? Your group can stay at home or meet up all at one place for a webinar just for you.

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