Calibration and Color Management

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Color Management

Throughout the process of making prints and of using and mixing photographic chemicals, we concerned ourselves with fresh supplies to give us predictable results when working in traditional photographic processes such as B&W silver gelatin, RA4, E6, and C41. We are also concerned about the accuracy of our instruments day to day to provide the same results with regard to time, temperature, weights and measures of all kinds. With digital imaging, we rely on computer chips to properly capture the image, and the screen to show us the information in an accurate way. We rely on the inks to stay consistent from the beginning of the cartridge to the end of the ink supply. We also count on the scanners to capture the image in a true way. But these attributes are just not going to happen on their own. We need to calibrate the devices that we use to perform our capture, editing and printing to insure a smooth repeatable process.

Even though we exercise sound color management practices doesn’t mean that we leave our eyes out of the process either. Good sound color management starts with our eyes and mind, because while these devices can be adjusted and measured, they can not think.



Digital WorkFlow

Today instead of darkroom techniques we talk about a digital workflow. The following pages are designed to address certain topics of interest. I will try and keep them separate as I can. We have

Digital Capture

Image Manipulation

Image Output


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