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Eric's Figure Studies

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I have been exhibiting my images for many years. The galleries on this site show case those that have made the transition to a digital image. There are many more that are yet to be scanned and posted as well as many more new digital images to come. So come back and browse often. The galleries are set up by image catagories but there may be some that appear in more than one place because not everything in life is so easily put in a round or square peg.


The Quarterly Print Club

I am offering collectors a special offering. For a yearly subscription of $375.00 I'll send you 4 new pieces. The available images will be posted on the special offerings page and you'll be able to select one of the images per quarter. I'll be posting a new digital ink jet print, a silver Gelatin B&W, a Platinum/Palladium and one additional image. I will be trying to keep it fresh and alive with some new and some images from the archive.

See Quarterly Image Gallery