Workflow Issues & Important Links

As we move along in the digital capture and editing domain, we will need to establish a workflow. Our workflow is the hardware and software that we use to get the job done of producing images. Here I'll share with you the products that I use, where to get them and how to use them. Images need to brought into the computer and "played" with to create your final digital files. Digital files come from cameras and scanners. The quality of which can go from excellent to poor. Below are links to informational and product sites that are places that shop for goods and information. Think about a personalized solution to your image editing questions and needs.

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See sample video here.

Imagenomic is a supplier of excellent plug ins for Photoshop that improve the file through noise reduction, adding near perfect skin to images and a complete color and contrast control in RealGrain. Follow this link to their site. If you decided to buy any imagenomic products, use this coupon code for a 15% discount ; WEBINAREJN

Imagenomics.com Software link

some samples of these plug ins in action

We all need to buy hardware and software, read reviews and shop responsibly to get the most out of our creative juices. The Imaging Resource gives you a good place to gather much of your needed info. It's not the only place you need to look but certainly a good place to add to your trip to the cyber store or cyber library. My forum is open and a place to look, ask questions and share ideas.


"Plugs 'N Pixels is an online directory for one-stop, organized information about creativity and productivity software and related educational materials."


And in the world of cool plug ins for Photoshop, Flaming Pear has some excellent choices to free the mind and expand the possibilities.



One of my top choices for acquiring the paper and inks I need to make my images come alive.




Rob keeps his site humming along with up to date information critical to the digital imaging specialist. Firm ware update links, camera reviews, and more...


The Texas Photographic Society is one of the most well respected photo groups in the country. They offer a full range of contacts for aspiring photographers and to inspire working photographers.


VueScan is inexpensive third party scanning software which supports many scanners. Visit www.hamrick.com and if your scanner is supported, try the free trial. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Resources on the Net

With information readily available through the internet these days, it is not hard to find information. The problem is how to tell if it is accurate, current and applies to your situation and needs. I recommend signing up with select yahoo groups, LinkedIn, and other forums to gather a cross section of net wisdom.

My forum/blog are also ways to look for information, ask question and get help from myself and others. Give them a try. Forum