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The site continues to progress through the daily and weekly changes; a place of information and expertise. I am adding new pages and updating old ones. Images from my collections are listed in the galleries below as well as some in the Galleries section above. Enjoy the discovery!

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I offer the services that include image taking and if you are still working in silver gelatin, I've got you covered. For those that have made the change over to digital capture and printing, I have printing services for you too. I love to craft fine images either my own or yours. Let's craft some together.

Behind the Lens

Eric has been running his tail off getting up to date with the latest in shooting, editing, production equipment, etc. He'll hopefully have you spending hours learning and sharing. links to software used in his workflow.


If you came to see my work, follow these link to some of my galleries. These are currently under review and updating. You can also use the gallery link above at the top of the page.


Trinity River is a one of the places to paddle in Dallas, TX. Besides a few lakes and a couple of other creeks, The Trinity River offers several sections for your paddling adventures.

Oregon Travels

The summer of 2009 found the Neilsen family traveling a bit in the wonderful state of Oregon. This page will take you to several galleries to enjoy. Not highly edited for now, they show you a quick look at the pictures as they were taken. I am OK with this type of sharing for two reasons; those that know how to look can see past the not perfect ones and those learning to see will notice that craft a spot on composition sometimes takes a few attempts.


Where paddle adventures are fun.