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I have been involved in photography since the late 70's, so I am somewhat of a traditionalist. I am however, fully immersed in the digital side of photography. My services include shooting, teaching, fine prints, as well as production services. I was initially based in the San Francisco Bay Area until 1989 when I relocated to Taos, NM. Following a decade of making prints, teaching, and shooting in Taos, I spent the next 17 years in Dallas, TX. I am currently running my business out of Castleton, VT. Workshops and consultation are also a part of my offerings; workshops in Platinum/Palladium, Silver Gelatin printing and digital workflow issues here at the Castleton studio.

Digital Services

In addition to digital printing, I also offers scanning, digital retouch and workflow analysis. Using some of the most modern software available, I can bring new life to old negatives, create new digital files, or faithfully render your art work as a new print or digital file. Are you stuck on how or where to turn for help with understanding the digital workflow? I can help with individualized training videos as well as real time help.


Beyond the Home Page

The following pages will allow you to explore the images and services I offer over the broad spectrum of photography. What you'll find are pages full of information and images. Photography is not just about taking pictures. It is about making images and that includes putting that image onto paper, canvas, whatever. So you'll not only see that I take pictures, print them, but am also willing to help you do the same. Do you want to work with someone that limits their vision to just the camera or actually sees the end product in his field of vision? You will not find a site heavy in ads, third party sales links, and a constant drone of guru this and guru that.

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